Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wyle - 23 Months

Hi everyone!  So here are some photos from this year, if you couldn't tell :)  We got our first snow a few days ago and it has mostly melted off, so Wyle and I spent some time playing in what remained.  She has been begging to "play snow" all week but with her runny nose I didn't want to let her freeze out there in twenty-something temperatures.  When it finally warmed up, we went out and she was so happy.  In the first picture, she is examining a piece of ice, and of course she is running wild in the second shot.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Glory

Now that it has snowed here (an inch or two, today), I am finally getting around to showing you some autumn photos!  I'm sorry I am so far behind but that is just how life is now.  In fact, these are photos I took LAST YEAR that I am just now getting around to processing.  That's right.  I'm more than a whole year behind.  I hate when my files stack up like this, but it is more important to get out and shoot and let the files languish on my hard drive than to not shoot and feel all caught up.  I am definitely pickier about what and when I shoot since my time is so limited, but even still, it is hard to keep up.  The ratio of shooting to processing time is quite vast.  I don't know if everyone realizes that.  To shoot digitally means that you can take hundreds of photos in minutes, and that can take hours to sort through.

Anyway, here is Pittsburgh in her autumn glory, if a little late.  I am glad I did go out and take these last year because a lot of rain really battered the pretty leaves from the trees this year and I spent a lot of time saddened that the foliage had thinned out so quickly this year.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Sunny Spot

Here is one last peek of Beechwood Farms in late September.  I found this little sunny spot while I was walking with Wyle.  It was late afternoon and the sun was just lighting up this one little patch of grass while everything around it was descending into shadow.  I loved it, and the little white flowers in the background.  Which do you like better, the horizontal or the vertical?  I can't decide.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back to September

It is somehow November already.  But we need to go back and revisit September for just a moment. It was truly beautiful.  As a kid, I remember my mom being allergic to Goldenrod, and as a result, I just hated it.  But many years removed from that, I have to say I now find it beautiful.  Which is good, because Pittsburgh is covered in it in the late summer and early fall.  There is a field of it at Beechwood Farms, where I love to go and take photos, though you can't get a feel for just how vast it is from these pictures.  It is like a sea of gold, and the bees just buzz from bloom to bloom, forming a collective cloud of activity that hovers just above the plants.  It's so pretty, and so alive.  I tried to get a few shots of the bees, but Wyle, who was in the backpack, did not want to sit still, so those didn't work out.  But I hope you get an idea of just how lovely it was.  Amid the goldenrod there are tangles of other wildflowers, like in the first shot, making pretty vignettes that break up all the gold.

Monday, November 4, 2013

One Last Look

Here is one last look at Lake Champlain and its beautiful waters.