Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cacapon State Park - Gorgeous Green

When I planned our vacation with Grandpa to Cacapon State Park in West Virginia a few months ago, I knew I was making the right choice.  I had been here a year before, in a different season, and I so wanted to see it in all its green glory.  Early June was perfect - everything was leafy and lovely, and the weather was always in that sweet spot, never too hot and never too cold.  

We rented a cabin for the week (with air conditioning, just in case - we had not forgotten the hottest temperatures on record from last year's vacation to Lake Champlain).  We hiked.  We fished.  We played at the beach.  We built fires at night.  We played cards.  We napped.  We ate at the picnic table.  We dipped our feet into the lake.  We took the paddleboat out.  We drove to the top of the mountain.  We learned about trees from the naturalist.  And we all wound down, unplugged, relaxed, and reveled in the beauty around us.  I can't tell you how much we needed that this year.  West Virginia, thank you for the lovely time.


  1. Beautiful V.

    So happy you were able to get away and enjoy family time and relax, so important :)

    Again, amazing shots, I feel like I was there :) T.

    1. Thanks, so much, T. I hope you are getting some family time this summer, too.