Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cacapon State Park - Mountaintops and Waterfalls

I can't express how much joy I felt just being around this beautiful scenery all week.  Clearly we need to make getting outdoors a priority.  I feel like at home we do the best we can, frequenting the creek and the nature trails near our home, but I think what we need is to bring back camping to our life.  Wyle was probably ready last summer, but we weren't!  But, I think we've gotten enough rest over the past year that we can try this sort of adventure (and handle being up all night if it doesn't go so smoothly at first).

The first photo is at the lookout over Cacapon Mountain.  I was in love with the lushness of it all, particularly those ferns that carpeted the ground.  The second was an afternoon shot on one of the trails.  The last shot was of a waterfall from atop the little lake in the park.  You can see how shallow the water is at the top.  We spent a few hours trying to catch the trout we saw swimming around there.  They did not want to be caught, however, so we caught a mess of bluegill instead.  What a cool fishing spot.  I am so ready to head back!

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