Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Curious Crow

I love my backyard birds, including the crows.  They are actually interested in what we do around the yard.  I took this while on a picnic with my daughter in the grass on a lovely summer day.  There were three crows in and near this tree (a favorite of mine).  They were watching us, and talking to each other (or us?) for at least a half hour before they flew off.  Corvids are just so smart, anyway, but it is more than that.  They are truly curious and observant.  They don't just react, like the songbirds, flitting here and there when you get too close.  These crows, they watch you.


  1. These crows, they watch you. Yes they do we have a crow who has adopted us he has shown up at our house seven times in the last week comes right up to us eats out of our hand. He is a young male has lot's of personality and seems to be fearless we taken photo's / videos with him he's very tame I went over to a friends place and he follows me hangs out follows me back home.We are having a lot of fun with him we have named him East Van Gogh Why you ask the first time we met he was sitting on my shoulder and he started to play with my ear. If you would like to see videos get back to me I would be happy to share. Thanks

    1. I checked out the video on your page. Feisty fellow, eh? I see he has a red you know what that is about?

    2. We think someone may have him as a pet or he's been to a rescue facility