Monday, October 12, 2015

Cacapon State Park Summer Vacation

We spent another summer vacation with Grandpa at Cacapon State Park in West Virginia.  We had such a great time there last summer that we decided to do it again.  There were lovely late sunsets behind the mountains, lots of fishing, and more hiking this year since Wyle was up for longer walks.  We did the Tower Trail which led to, you might not be surprised to hear, a water tower.  We picked blueberries on the way back to the cabin, a surprise and a delight.  

Even though we went a little later this year, the water was colder than last year.  So we didn't do much swimming, but we watched everyone else, wondering how they weren't hypothermic.

I am not sure what this structure is in the woods there, but it was fun to explore.  West Virginia has some wonderful state parks and I highly encourage you to visit them.  We really enjoyed our second summer there.

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