Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. Philip's at Night

I just returned from a fabulous birthday weekend in my favorite city, Charleston, SC.  I was celebrating my birthday, with my sister, and we had a blast.  I did not pull out my camera very much, but as we were riding in a rickshaw one night, I just had to pull over.  St. Philip's looks so beautiful lit up at night.


  1. Hi V. :)

    Beautiful Shot :)

    Happy Belated B.Day :)

    Charleston was on e of the cities I dreamed about visiting as a young girl in England, I still haven't made it there but one day, I really hope I will :)

    So happy you had a wonderful time :)

    Happy Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

    1. By all means, you should! It does not impress most from across the pond, since it's not THAT old, but it is one of the most charming places in this country :)