Saturday, October 22, 2016

California Nights

After our time at Yosemite, my husband had to return to work, but Wyle and I stayed with Grandpa for another week.  You never know much time you've got with someone, and really, we had no reason to hurry home.  And I'm so glad we stayed.  It was Wyle's first time to Grandpa's house, where I would spend two weeks every summer when I was young.  It was so fun to see her learn to shoot a bow and arrow in the backyard, and to see her sleep in the same bed I did as a kid.  We went down to the swimming hole and fed the ducks in the park.  And the fair!  We were just in time for her first trip to the fair.  All the simple pleasures,  you know?  It all gave me a huge dose of nostalgia.  Especially just being in Grandpa's neighborhood.  All the neighbors know each other, even the mailman.  It seems so safe there, and so quiet.  Not what you might expect from California, but really, it has such a wholesome feel.  I took this shot of the neighborhood after dark.

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