Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tenaya Lake

One of my favorite places in Yosemite National Park was Lake Tenaya.  We picnicked along its white sandy shores, and stayed around to play.  Wyle, of course, was drawn to the water.  I thought it would be frigid, and that she would quickly jump right back out.  I was wrong.   She daintily held up her shorts to begin with, but by the time we left she was soaked.  Typical.  She found a little boat someone had fashioned together out of driftwood, and took it into the water for a float.  That was sort of magical for her.  She asked to keep it, but we convinced her to leave it on the beach for someone else to find.

Grandpa got into the fun, being silly and trying to impress Wyle with this long piece of wood.  He made quite a circus act out of it, and delighted the audience (us). 

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